Memories and Melodies

image Paul Deegan Music offers music therapy directly aimed at the aged within Care Homes around the West Cumbria and Cumbria area. It is a well accepted theory that music can be very therapeutic regarding older people and their ailments, especially sufferers of Alzheimer's, Stroke victims, Depression and other age related conditions.


Relaxing group sessions of 1-1 and a half hours with Paul Deegan, using music, songs,objects, talking and listening to create a safe space for sharing memories.

The music therapy sessions aim to assist people to:

Tell their own story

Listen to and understand others

Feel and express emotion appropriately

Feel loved and supported

Build relationships

Paul Deegan Music charges a very realistic price for these therapy sessions, starting with £30.00 for a one hour session, £40.00 for one and a half hours and included is travelling time and expenses for up to 22 miles from his home in Maryport. If distance is more than 22 miles, Paul will be happy to negotiate a reasonable extra.